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ASCII Code VIew V 1.1 Changes

  • This update adds the ability to append a control character to the text string.
  • Updated the User interface.
  • Improvements to the ASCII chart to include Control Key Sequences, and  Escape Sequences.


  • Decimal, and Octal data can be viewed as one 32 bit double word, as two 16 bit words, as well as bytes.
  • Data entered as an ASCII string uses a slider control to load the data into the register so that the entire string can be quickly viewed.
  • A standard ASCII chart is available on the info screen as an additional reference.

ASCII Code View

Our ASCII Code View app is available on the App Store.

ASCII Code View is a tool used to help in the programming and debug of systems that use ASCII. 

It is designed for programmers, engineers, and technical support personnel who need a quick reference tool. The program displays ASCII code values in Hexadecimal, Decimal, Octal, and Binary.